U.S. infrastructure continues to deteriorate in spite of widespread and bipartisan support for increasing investment. The American Society of Engineers graded the U.S. as a "D+" in  infrastructure and Kentucky a "C" in the latest report available.  Some of the highlights for Kentucky included:

  • driving on roads in need of repair costs each driver $331 per year;

  • 8.1% of bridges are rated structurally deficient;

  • drinking water needs in Kentucky are estimated $6.2 billion;

  • waste water needs are estimated at $6.24 billion;

  • 182 dams are labeled as "high hazard potential;" and

  • schools have approximately estimated capital gap of $453 million.

Infrastructure was rated by 94.4% of site selection professionals as "very important" for the location of a new industrial site. Further investment in infrastructure could help distinguish Kentucky from its competitor states and act as a catalyst for landing new industrial prospects.  

This is likely one reason that the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce designates "infrastructure" as one of four pillars in securing a prosperous future for Kentucky. The U.S. Chamber recently backed a .25 cent increase in the gas tax to pay for national infrastructure improvements.  Rob will support the (1) expansion of infrastructure funding, (2) the building of the I-69 bridge linking Indiana and Kentucky and (3)  the long overdue US 60 bridge over the Green River.  


Kentucky Center for Business and Economic Research, Annual Report 183 (2018)(Kentucky has the 5th highest number of dams rated as structurally deficient).