Wiederstein Thanks his Supporters

The night of the election was pretty hectic, but I had a piece of paper with everybody’s name I needed to thank. Because everybody was waiting on the results in the Senate race, nobody wanted me to stand up there and give a long speech and read a lot of names. However, there are a number of people that I need to thank:

  • The citizens of District 11.

  • My accountant, friend and treasurer— Rob Mitchell.

  • My political consultant—Mr. Kevin Burton with Election Strategies LLC.

  • My unpaid political consultants—you know who you are!

  • The campaign field organizer—Ms. Kaycee Garner.

  • The volunteer coordinator—Ms. Christina Seaver.

  • The folks that keep candidates from “flipping out” over things that don’t matter—Ms. Kelly Taulbee with the House Democratic Caucus and Ms. Erin McGan with the Kentucky Democratic Party.

  • The volunteers—and there were many—Kathy Grant, Bryan Combs, Cassi Combs, Tasha Eakins, Rick Hopf, Lisa Dickerson, Joan Hoffman, Marsha Mullins, Mike Haile, Leffel White, Kathy Crawford, Wayne Bugg, and the Rapid Response Team. I’ve omitted some to protect the innocent.

  • The donors.

  • Henderson County Democratic Party.

  • The House Democratic Caucus and, specifically, Rocky Adkins for making the long drive to Henderson twice.

  • Dorsey, Glenn and the Ridley family for their decades of support, encouragement and friendship.

  • Cathy, Meg and Chase; the Nestrick clan; and Lori for putting up with me, my non-linear thought patterns, and occasional moodiness.

Thank you to all.