Wiederstein Attends Legislative Orientation—Day 1

A lot of people have been genuinely curious as to what the first responsibilities of a legislator are. To be candid, so am I. I’ll try to keep everybody painfully informed as to what’s going on, even if its boring. The first legislative responsibility was to attend a two day orientation in Frankfort.

It’s a grueling effort but I tried following the example of a former state representative Gross Lindsay. Gross always got up at 4:00 a.m. and left by 5:00 a.m. for Frankfort. When you are from Henderson and serving in the legislature, you are going to spend a lot time on I-64 and keeping your fingers crossed that traffic is clear in Louisville. Traffic was clear so I didn’t have any problems.

Today started off by seeing my friend Jim Glenn who got there even earlier than I did. (Jim is the downtown Owensboro Representative who won by a single vote.) We were seated alphabetically which, while logical, wasn’t something I anticipated. Usually with my last name beginning with “W”, that meant I was released for lunch last while I was in school.

Today, it meant that I was seated in the back of the room. I was seated between two folks: Lisa Willner, a Democrat from Louisville and Buddy Wheatley, a Democrat from Covington. Here’s a copy of the orientation schedule for the next couple of days. It was a lot of information that, fortunately, was furnished to us in hard copy as well.

Orientation Schedule