Wiederstein Attends Legislative Orientation--Day 2

There’s crucial things that you have to learn in order to effective, or for that matter, to be functional. The General Counsel for AOC reviewed a number of basic things on the law. In descending order of priority, the U. S. Consitution, the Kentucky Constitution, Kentucky statutes, treaties, local ordinances, and court cases need to be considered before passing a valid statute. Then, there was some provision about 2/5. That’s when I said to myself, “2/5, What’s that about?” I always thought that any legislative action would require a majority of the body to become a law. Then, AOC taught us about Constitution Sec. 46 which reads as follows:

“No bill shall become a law unless, on its final passage, it receives the votes of at least two-fifths of the members elected to each House, and a majority of the members voting, the vote to be taken by yeas and nays and entered in the journal: Provided, Any act or resolution for the appropriation of money or the creation of debt shall, on its final passage, receive the votes of a majority of all the members elected to each House.”

That seems important. Everybody agree that I should probably remember that?