District 11 Mentioned as Probable Pickup in 2018

On the February 8th edition of My Old Kentucky Podcast, the hosts Robert Kahne and Jasmin Smith discuss Kentucky politics and specifically, the District 11 State Representative's race.

Kahne went through the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance filings that were posted January 31, 2017.  With regard to the Kentucky Legislature, he noted  that Republicans have raised 1.5 million dollars to Democrats 1.0 million. 

District 11 was mentioned because Wiederstein currently led Democratic candidates in money raised.  After evaluating the merits of the race, Kahne concludes, "Henderson will probably, potentially, good chance to move back into the Democratic column this year."

It's encouraging to hear some early optimism especially from data analyst and podcasters Robert Kahne and Jasmin Smith.  Time to work twice as hard!