Why I'm Supporting Rocky Adkins for Governor

The height of a court case was always the closing argument in the jury trial. There was tension and anxiety and terror knowing that how you present a case decides whether a defendant goes home or is taken into custody, whether freedom prevails or jail is the outcome. There’s a moment when a lawyer stares into the eyes of the community and asks for justice on behalf of a client.

Rocky Adkins visits Henderson, Kentucky.

Rocky Adkins visits Henderson, Kentucky.

Henderson has had some great advocates. Some had flare and could give, what John Palmore called, a stemwinder: a closing that could excite some member of the jury to such a point that innocence or guilt was out of the question. Attorneys would pound tables, cry, shout, pray—whatever it took— to get their client out of trouble. They might walk to the evidence table and hold some exhibit above their head and scream for justice. Some would whisper and bring the jury’s attention to some little fact that everybody overlooked. Others might point to their loved ones seated on the front row, wink at the jury and tell them to send “this old boy back home.” A great closing is a beautiful thing.

Rocky Adkins is about to give his final closing. Tuesday is judgment day for him and he’ll either go back to his home in Sandy Hook or he’ll begin the campaign for the governor’s race in the Fall. Regardless, he’s waited, worked, and hoped for 32 years for this moment. And it’s here.

My first session as a state representative was this past January and his mere presence was inspiring. Rocky can eat a sandwich, deliver a 10-minute floor speech on the importance of freedom, discuss actuarial assumptions of the latest pension legislation, cite some arcane rule on legislative procedure, broker a compromise and finish by asking how your daughter is doing at college by her first name. He simulaneously can be hard as steel and soft as a velvet glove and knows the best approach to achieving his objective. And if you’ve ever heard him speak, then you know he’s ready for the governor’s job. He genuinely cares and believes in Kentucky’s future and he’s prepared to work every waking moment toward improving it.

This Tuesday, the future of Kentucky is at stake. All eyes are on Rocky to make his closing. To the people of Henderson County, I want you to know that he’s the best I’ve ever seen. Rocky has the skills, determination and moral compass to lead Kentucky. He has my support and I hope he has yours too. Please vote for Rocky Adkins for governor.